Different layout for login page etc

Is it possible to choose a different layout for views like the login form other than main.php?

obviously I don’t want the normal template with the navigation etc.

public function actionTest()


    $this->layout = 'newLayout';


I know it’s an old thread but I thought I should write the solution for those who might have the same question.

Here’s the solution for anyone else interested:

Go to SiteController.php, scroll down to the actionLogin() function and add the following code:

$this->layout = '//layouts/mycustomlayoutpage';

Make sure you have a mycustomlayoutpage.php file in the /themes/mycustomtheme/layouts/ directory. Create your own custom layout for the login page and do not forget to put the following code in the body of the template:

<?php echo $content; ?>

I hope this helps :)