Different bootstrap.css on development and productive server

Hi everybody,

i use Bootstrap 5 with Yii2. Now i have the problem, that i have in vendor/bower-assets two different Bootstrap-Versions. (V5.2.2 on development and V5.1.3 on productive). I used composer update to update both Server Installations (develop and productive). But the Bootstrap-CSS-Files not updated. How can i updated the bower-assets folder? Is this possible with composer?

Thank you for help…

Have you tried clearing /web/assets/* folders manualy?
Yii copies assets src files to this dir and dont update them on change.

I use such settings:

    'components' => [
        'assetManager' => [
            'forceCopy' => !YII_ENV_PROD,

So I have to update my deployment stage assets cache manualy