Differences Between Xupload And Tbfileupload

Hi everybody.

Last 4 days was for very intensive learning. I was studying how to implement xupload and TbFormUpload.

When I read both tutorials, I found TbFormUpload is a son from xupload.

My question is … if I’m using YiiBooster in my projects … specially if I need a complex workflow to upload files (ex: I need to include upload files feature in a more complex form). My question is:

  • In that conditions, TbFileUpload or xupload?

  • Can I use TbFileUpload as explained in XUpload Workflow? How?

  • If I want to use xupload/TbFileUpload in a more complex form, I just delete form tags in upload.php template ?

Sorry for so many questions … I think every programmer who needs that tools have the same questions …

Thanks in advance.

have you tried them and compare. I’m wondering about it too