Difference between \Yiisoft\Widget\Widget and existing \yii\base\Widget

Hello, was reading the Yii Framework news and noticed this: Widget 1.0.0 | News | Yii PHP Framework
I was wondering what is the difference between the just released \Yiisoft\Widget\Widget and existing \yii\base\Widget? For creating a new widget should I now start exploring \Yiisoft\Widget\Widget ?

Pretty Positive the new Widget is for Yii 3

The design for that is to separate each feature into isolated packages so they can be used or replaced based on user preference - or another frameworks “widget”.

If you are using Yii2 then nothing is changed. You already have \yii\base\Widget which does same as new released package. If you are using Yii3 then new package is for you. You can use new package in Yii2 i guess but it’s just duplication of package for same functionality.

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Thank you @Nathan005 @InsaneSkull