Difference between restful api and normal app?

(Karo2412) #1

Hello guys
I need to know when i can have json and xml output from an action why i need to use restful api?
I really confused :neutral_face:
Thanks :rose:

(Alexander Makarov) #2

RESTful API is a group of actions returning JSON or XML. If you are comfortable with coding these manually, feel free to do so.

(Karo2412) #3

Thank you for reply mate.
Actually im new yii user and read about RESTfull api i think its very complicated to understand , for example i am going to add new user by getting information from user and save it in in user table and also i need to process data ( do heavy sql from three or four table ) and then save data in another table i dont know how to use models in RESTful app , in normal way im alright but with RESTful its nightmare

(Alexander Makarov) #4

Do it normal way first then then see if it worh it to invest time in REST stuff Yii provides.

(Karo2412) #5

Thanks , but i was looking for a way to understand the REST , thanks anyway mate :rose: