Difference between $model->load and $model->attributes

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What´s the difference between $model->load and $model->attributes? I think both of them have the same behaviour but i suppose they will have a difference.

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Returns the list of attribute names.

By default, this method returns all public non-static properties of the class. You may override this method to change the default behavior.


Populates the model with the data from end user.

The data to be loaded is $data[formName], where formName refers to the value of formName(). If formName() is empty, the whole $data array will be used to populate the model. The data being populated is subject to the safety check by setAttributes().



$model->attributes = [some atrribs]

does attributes assignment.

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But when yo do this assignment

$model->attributes = \Yii::$app->request->post(‘ContactForm’);

and you do


Both of them populate the model with the data from end user, Am I wrong?

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But with attributes method I only return safe properties, is it right?