Difference Between Cmarkdown And Cmarkdownparser

I know, this is a dumb question, but… what is the difference between CMarkdown and CMarkdownParser?

I used this Markdown block of text:

Test of _CMarkdown_ and _CMarkdownParser_

* one

* two

* three





 	* This is the default 'index' action that is invoked when an action is not 

 	* explicitly requested by users.


	public function actionIndex()





And rendered it in a view using:

$markdown = new CMarkdown;

$contents = $markdown->transform($body);

at first and then using:

$parser = new CMarkdownParser;

$contents = $parser->safeTransform($body);

I’ve got exactly the same results.

I know I had to misunderstand documentation, but after reading about CMarkdownParser, I was pretty sure that CMarkdown provides only basic Markdown (described here) and CMarkdownParser give access to Markdown Extra (here).

Since I got exactly the same results, I’m totally lost, what is the difference?

EDIT: Additional question. Doc about CMarkdownParser class says about possibillity of using extra options like [color=#222222][font=Menlo, Consolas,]showLineNumbers. Where can I find list and description of all of them. I thought, that it will be somewhere in Markdown Extra [/font]/color, but it isn’t there or I’m looking in wrong place.

According to this page:

CMarkdown is a wrapper with an additional option.

Ah, I see! :]

Plus another difference, if I’m getting this right: you can use CMarkdown as widget, but you can’t do the same with CMarkdownParser – you have to use it directly.