Difference between boostrap3 extension and using boot 3 normally?


I am a bit confused on this one. I see some extensions to use bootstrap 3 in Yii2, but why do we need to install the extension when we can just add boostrap 3 in the app with a few lines of code?

Is there a difference between both?

Thank you,


There is no major difference between the composer version and the one you can download, but you should note the following:

  1. The extension is required by the Bootstrap widgets that are built into Yii

  2. It allows any other extension to require Bootstrap and know that it will be downloaded and included, not rely on the programmer to include it

  3. It supports Grunt to build bootstrap from the included less files so you can customise it locally

  4. It is included be default so you don’t need to add any lines to your app

Thanks Lucos for the explanations, I get it now:-)