Did You Make A Forum Work In Yii ?

Dear all,

I’ve been trying to integrate with vanilla, phpBB and smf APIs but it’s reaaallllyyy unconvenient.

ALso, I didn’t find anything on the web about a succesfull and non barbaric implementation.

Does anyone have a succesfull experience to share ?

Thanks a lot !

I know this is no precise question, but i’m only expecting a vague answer at first.

If precision is the issue, here’s the three main features I’m looking for :

  • enabling SSO between yii and forum users

  • displaying a subset of categories or subjects to display on yii app

  • creating posts from my yii app

Can anyone please give directions ?

SSO and post creation are quite easy with SMF.

I’m working on the display part. I’ll let you know.

I’m sure I’ll get answers on the next question of mine. Hope it happens before I complete my project.

Anyway, this framework, its documentation and this website contents are so powerful that not getting answers doesn’t prevent me from loving it.

[size=2]There’s also SSO plugin for Vanilla - jsConnect. And there’s also API plugin called Simple API. They both look quite nice.[/size]

Unfortunately, that’s all I can say in addition, as have never had a need to integrate forum to a yii project yet.

Hope someone who has experience with such integration will see your question. :)

Well, I did look into integrating both phpBB and SMF with yii, but in the end I decided to build a forum module myself. That works. :)