did someone test phar?

I just read an article about the next php 5 release.

The next php release will include phar as standard extension.

And there was noted that phar could increase the speed. And I think a framework like yii with 1.111 files in the framework directory could benefit from it. Did someone tested this?

Or qiang would you mind to test it? oO

Infos about phar here: php/phar

I don't understand why no one replies?

I think it is an interesting idea to test of yii could profit

from a compressed format…

This can be considered as an optional way to distribute the package if it doesn't require too many changes.

We can consider further integration such as a console command that can create a phar of your application, etc.

Please create a new ticket.

Cheers, Wei.

Well, the package thing is not real my interest ( Well it makes things easier )

But the thing which could be interesting is that it could increase the speed ;)