Did anyone ever get Dymo Label printers working with Yii?

Did anyone ever get Dymo Label printers working with Yii?

If yes, please share the approach you used.

I’ve been trying to get Yii working with a tin of baked beans. So far it hasn’t worked. Can anyone let me know how I should proceed?

Alex, a constructive reply would have been more appreciated.

P.S. Nice how you tried to copy Pud’s original fucked company idea, albeit a decade too late.


Maybe you should be more specific. Actually when reading your question i also thought it was a joke… It’s hard to find any possible connection between a label printer and a web framework. But maybe you can enlighten us. ;)

You want to have an address book or something alike stored in a db, accessible by internet/intranet and able to be printed on labels using dymo label printer, how am i doing so far?

if right, I’d suggest to print it to a HTML page and then print it with css @print media type and ctrl + p to print to dymo if possible. I’m not used to working with dymo outside the program giving by dymo itself because i don’t see the need.

In any case i think you’re in for a long way of pain and suffering if you want to get this to work flawlessly.

Maybe check their website for information regarding printing with their hardware?