dialog + Ajax get + widget + registerScript : BOOM :(

Hi Yii-Men

Is there a generic way to stop the register script


I’m constantly hitting the same issue again and again

when loading "on demand" = ajax get (not preloaded) a dialog

with any widget inside that uses a register script

and it’s quite a tiring task each time.

I’m certain it’s a recurant problem for all of us

but is there an easy and generic way out ?

Because This is how I do it , but it’s so time consuming every time :

I Overload the concerned widget class and desable the register Script

and do whatever JS stuff that needs to be done manuelly , the good old fashion way !!

I would love to here anybodies luminous experience about this

or if there’s a thread laying around I missed

Popin and dialogs are part of our present and future !!


don’t all rush like that on the subject

it might slashdot the Yii forum !!!

should I concider this non answer , like Yii doesn’t beleive in popins

or is it just a ball breaker ?

it’s really just an interest of you point of views about the subject


Well I’m curious to see answers, since that what I usually do with my small experience with Yii and from what I’ve read here and there.

in the main view where ajax modal/popup (with some widget, that is) is called:

$cs = Yii::app()->clientScript;;



And in the controller ajax-linked action:


  (YII_DEBUG ? 'jquery.js' : 'jquery.min.js') => false,

   'jquery-ui.min.js' => false,

   'jquery.yiiactiveform.js' => false,