Devilbox + Yii2 advanced template

Hello all.
I have a problem with Yii2 advanced template and Devilbox LAMP stack.
Yii2 advanced template has multiple web-roots.
Devilbox automatically creates web-server configuration with only 1 web-root.

How do I create second web-root?

Does anyone have experience with Devilbox+Yii2 advanced template?

have you got the solution?

Check kartik-v’s yii2-app-practical-a

Using yii2-app-advanced in an environment where only one domain is possible can be a very tough challenge, because you have to modify the template code in many places very carefully.

kartik-v’s yii2-app-practical-a is a template which is based on yii2-app-advanced and is almost the same with it. And with the necessary modification already applied, it works very well with a single domain environment.