Developing Multiple Sites With Little Changes

i have to develop 3 different sites

domain names for example only

Almost 80% of functionality is same for all the three with rest 20% being completely different features… how do i handle it. I am not talking of simple differenced like video to audio to documents but more complex like docs may have editing but other 2 doesn’t or video and audio have related items but doc doesn’t

I was thinking of having these different features as modules and rest as core but


[*]how do i handle themes i.e each site has a different theme which is mostly css with little html changes

[*]In this case the menu/code links in html code become difficult as they may or may not exist for a particular site


would this structure help

All three would finally be hosted separately

I might implement all of it as one application and then at deployment I’d configure each to handle only one media type.

As i said 20% code differers between the three so it can’t be developed as one simple application.

It’s not just media-type that changes

I would build components/extensions for the common part used in 3 different website.

In this way everything that is really common would be in one place and everything else ready to bi customized.

I had the same problem, but this were 3 autoparts sites.

I made a Project Properties component where used class factory for each module on sites

My sites has differense only on this component proprties and a markups.

I used same database also. But hide some fields and columns in code, if need, using Progect Properties


Copy component to your folder application.components.

Add to config/main.php:

    'import' => array(





##Example for using

$catProp = new ProjectProperties('core');

if ($catProp->getProperty('ShowProperties','SearchMenuOnMain')) {



"core" - name of module. Propertes for module core will be find in CoreProperties.php file

"ShowProperties" - name of called function

"SearchMenuOnMain" - sended parrameter

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