Developing base css frameowrk for YII.

Hi guys!

I’m now thinking of developing a base CSS framework for YII.

While being a good standard in PHP development, it doesn’t

propose CSS basement having no solid CSS layer.

While blueprint and 960 are generally good, I propose to end

up with a generic css framework concept. Here it is:

  1. Generic styles: reset.css, fonts.css, text.css.

Base classes should never contain skins/themes and only provide default

sizing/coloring, no images. Base classes naming convention should be intuitive,

short-worded and match jQuery UI naming pattern (ui-style-name). This should

also contain default styles for YII widgets such as form, grid, pagers, breadcrumbs

and so on. Attaching of corresponding css files might be done via custom CWidgetFactory.

  1. Dynamically generated grid system. See to get an idea.

This is for those cases when we need fixed/fluid layout with custom width.

  1. Skinning/theming support. Plug in additional theme.css and have the look

changed. Images are allowed here.

  1. Developer theme bundled with generic sprite-based icon packs.

  2. HTML layout examples page with quick code snippets.

Let me know if you’re interested to spend 3-5 days contributing into that

for YII community.

Very good idea… and this will be crossbrowser right??

Certainly crossbrowser. Who needs it otherwise?

Hmm… nit should also contain a set of generic

css techniques such as IE png fix, clearfix, etc…

Nice idea… that’s something tha Yii needs for sure…

Anything progressed in this direction yet…?

I am not sure what this is, but BluePrint has all that, hasn’t it?

What’s the difference? :)

However, it would be cool to use this instead:

Not that BluePrint is bad - it isn’t - but 1KB sounds good.

Hi Guys,

any update on this?

Link is not working