developing application with separate admin and front end user

I want to develop an application which includes mainly of two panels. The admin panel will include all the update activities and the front end panel will include basically the views. what will be the best strategy to follow by Yii. shall we generate separate models, controllers and views for both admin and front or any thing else. The front end user has mostly the browse facility, will you suggest that developing with YII will help or make it complex to manage. The view part of admin and front is entirely different.


here you will get the idea

what I suggest is to use 2 modules and share the models (put them under /protected/models/)

Hi Gustavo,

Thanks for reply and specially for providing the link. Please assist me to start the application with requirement like:

admin panel:

i) user manager (staffs with different permissions for different links and activity (CRUD) )

ii) city manager

iii) college manager

iv) institute manager

and mores…

front end panel:

i) view the college list

i.a) view detail of specific college

ii) vie city wise colleges

and mores …

In my understanding:

I should go for just explained in the link you provided, here in back end we will generate all the models, CRUD for city, colges, institutes…Finally I will have models, controller, views for each.

what additional things we have to do for front end, we have to generate once again the model, controller and views for front end as well?


Any suitable approach?


The folder /protected/models/ is imported by default (check the /configs/main.php) so you can use then anywhere in your app

as for the controller and views yes, of course, they will be different with different logic and html