Developer needed for this project


I am looking for someone to develop a small application for me.

It could be done in RoR, CakePHP, Yii, CodeIgniter, Django or possibly another framework.

Here’s a link to a zip files with some screenshots I took. These probably help explain more than anything else.

I can’t embed links because this is my first post, so please link these and use as the download URL:

strongspace . com /shared / zk6r4qhpd5

I built a basic version in Ruby on Rails, but I don’t

have it running online. It’s running on localhost. I would like someone to build this app for me using

one of the frameworks mentioned above.

Here’s what is needed:

1: log in/registration for user/client and then admin and staff

(three roles: users/admin/staff)

2: Once logged in, users should be able to create a new "case."

This case would concist of a long form with several different things to fill in (text box, check boxes, file upload and comments)

3: This form should have a spot for multiple file uploads.

These files should be stored securely and only viewable by case "owner."

4: Once the form is created, user should be able to go back and add files if desired.

Once the form is created, admin should also be able to add files if desired.

The case "show" page should show which files were uploaded by admin and which were uploaded by client user.

User should be able to add comments to the case.

Admin should be able to add comments to the case.

Staff should be able to add comments to the case.

5: Emails

The system should sent out emails to both admin and client user once a case is created.

Both admin and client should be able to respond to emails and have those show up as posts under comments attached to the case.

The system should notify client user if admin added a comment or file.

The system should notify admin if client user added a comment or file.

6: The application should be “ready” to be translated. I’ll do the translation, but the database should be

ready for Spanish and Japanese and the site should be ready with a little button or something where users can

switch language. It would be nice if the admin could also select which language the app is for each user. And the user could select something

too specificying which language the app should be in for them once they log in.

7: The application should be “mobile read.” jQTouch or jQuery touch…it’s up to you, but the app should work on iPhone/Android devices.

As I mentioned above, this file strongspace . com /shared / zk6r4qhpd5 contains some screenshots of an "example" app that I built. The app just needs basic design. Nothing too "fancy" is required.

If you’re interested, please give me a quote via PM.