Develope JsTree Extension

Hi together,

i started to write an yii2 extension for jstree ( There are already some extensions, but they do not implement features like move, contextmenu, etc. for the tree. I started a new approach - who is interested in developing together? i need some help in how to set everything up as a open source github project. my code is working but in an early stage and not well documented at the moment.

  • i want to develope the extension to easily integrate in a yii2 project

  • easy connect to an active record model

  • implementation of

    • moving items in the tree

    • context menue

    • creating new items (context menu)

    • deleting items in the tree (context menue)

    • duplicating items (context menu)

    • call update action (context menu or direct click)

    • optional checkbox selecting items

please contact me



Hello friends!

Could be pleased if it would be usefull to anybody - yii2 extension

thank you…it can be useful for anyone