Develop Mobile Apps With Php

Thats HTML, Javascript and REST.

Available since years.

Simply extend Yii with a REST API and connect it to Sencha Touch ;)

If you need a GUI use Sencha Architect!

I am trying to create a mobile end for my Yii application. I read about that and I knew that I should integrate REST API first, and that is what I did.

Now, am looking for some way to use javascript to authenticate the user and interact with the application, but I failed to do that so far…

Can you please tell me some clues on how to the REST API with Sencha Touch? I downloaded it, but couldn’t figure that out…

Thanks in advance.

Some topics about Sencha Touch, REST-API & auth:

Have a look at SlimFramework, it has an integrated authentication:

I created an app using phonegab and jquery mobile, it worked, but I was not completely satisfied. Might have been because my javascript was not spot on, or because jquery mobile is not the best library to use.

Firstly, I am a complete newbie and have zero familiarity with programming terms and languages. I need direction.

I have only begun looking into things like HTML, CSS, Java, MySQL, PHP, and so on. These languages, to my understanding, are used mainly for developing websites, which is not what I want to do. What I would like to do is be on the cutting edge of developing really cool or useful softwares or applications for the future of mobile devices, and possibly websites as well.

I heard that learning C++ is essential to what I want to do, and even then, there are improvements in programming, like Ruby, in which I would constantly need to keep up with in order to be effective. Is this true?

Even so, C++ is where I must start, yes? And wouldn’t I need to learn C before C++?

Alina, you should start a new topic because what you ask is not relevant to this conversation.

The short answer is if you know how to code, you can code in any language. So just learn. A lot. Do it in practice, that is don’t learn languages you don’t use. After some time you’ll see the patterns common in every language and start using more abstract term when thinking about your data structures and logic.