Dev Leaders to Refactor a Product into Yii

Up for a challenge?

I’m looking for two great PHP & Yii guys/gals to come take the LEAD roles in refactoring an existing killer product into the Yii Framework. Tired of being held back by an older “senior” dev guy who is stuck in his ways? Ready to be responsible for a product? Ready to show what you can do?

If you know you can do way more than your current job will let you, this is your chance to make a difference for a company, show your natural leadership, and leap ahead in your career track. I am more interested in what you can do, than whatever your current job title is.

You know the skills a LAMP developer needs to have… or you wouldn’t be in the Yii Framework forum. Must have strong PHP & Yii skills for this position, AND a good idea of how release management (branching, etc.) should be done using github or subversion. Must be highly motivated to do good work and help others to the best of your ability. Come join a cool team that will praise and appreciate you.

Experience in the following will distinguish candidates that best fit this position: Years of experience with key technologies (PHP, Yii, etc), eCommerce, CRM, virtualization, SaaS.

Full-time permanent competitive salary & benefits, telecommute ok, available now.

US residents only, Citizen or have valid permission to work here.

TWO positions available. Direct hire only, no outsourcing companies please.

Have a good friend you would love to work with? You can both telecommute and join our team.