Dev Environment

Curious how ‘pros’ have their development environment setup.

Right now I’m using Bazaar for source control and keeping my repository on a USB stick. I have WAMPServer setup on my home and work laptops, and when I need to tinker with my yii-based project I put in my USB stick and pull down files off the repo to a working folder under the webroot. I do my changes, commit them, and push back to USB drive.

My app isn’t live yet so I don’t have any workflows defined for pushing changes out to a live server. I need to do some research on that yet.

I’m just using notepad++ for an editor unless I need a debugger in which case I am using netbeans. I’m not real proficient at debugging yii based apps yet but I’ll save that question for another topic.

  • SVN/Git for source control.

  • Local Git repo on external USB HDD.

  • Custom portable WAMP on USB HDD.

  • PhpStorm configured as portable on the same USB HDD.

  • SVN/Git for source control.

  • Local repos on external USB HDD.

  • Ubuntu virtual machine in VirtualBox that mounts the external HDD.

  • Netbeans as my IDE.