design implementation in Yii

Hello friends,

I can’t understand how to use design concept in Yii, In core php we have directly index, header, footer temp. and we use like include that. here in yii we have theme and layout concept so, can’t find how to start that big project with design as do i have to prepare layout, or directly start with regular way like index page, header and footer … etc.

is there any tutorial or other thing which can give me clear idea about design concept in Yii.

I am much impress with Yii powered site like

so, can anyone tell how to achive this type of design in Yii…

I am also looking for same information. If you happen to know, pleas let me know.

Instead of using header and footer, in Yii you can use a layout which looks like:

<!-- header -->




<!-- /header -->

<?php echo $content; ?>

<!-- footer -->



<!-- /footer->

After that you can wrap any other view or a sub-layout with this layout. See Yii’s views/layouts/column1.php and views/layouts/column2.php for examples.

Slight correction to andy_s’ otherwise excellent reply…

The layouts are located under views/layouts: views/layouts/column1.php and views/layouts/column2.php.

Oh yes, thanks (corrected my message) ::)



But for what folder ‘themes’ in root directory? I think there it is possible to place own themes. I don’t know how.

Did you read the guide?

thnkx all to reply.