Design: Controller Or Component

HI there, i’m completly new to YII and i’m a bit confused about the practical MVC pattern here …

I would like to build a small reporting suite where users can define a custom report with data from different sources. Let’s say we have Source A, B & C.

For the user management and the report management i have models, controller and views.

But when i click on “generate Report” in the reports view i’m confused: whats the best strategy for the next steps?

I try to make a single module for every source with it’s own model & controller in it.

All functions for getting the data from that source and saving it in the database is in this specific controller.

Now i’m wondering if it would be better to use components instead of controller for this code.

I want to use this code for getting the data from that sources in future again, so i want a clear structure here…

Could you please give me an advice what design is better for this case?

Thanks a lot and a great day for all :)

Thanks for the great newbie support here! -.-