Deploying Yii App on Shared Hosting (Centos 5

Hello ,

i dont know if anyone can help me ,i have deployed an app on a shared hosting enviroment (centos 5) but i get this error when i run my app YiiBase::include(Province.php) [<a href=‘function.YiiBase-include’>function.YiiBase-include</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory

how can i resolve this?.

On my windows 7 development machine it work perfectly so i dont know why it is not working on the linux server.

That’s because Yii is case-sensitive on *NIX.

Check that you’re using the right casing.

Class names should have the same case as the physical files.

It happens to me a lot, like when I load a widget using $this->widget(‘showMembers’) where it should be ‘ShowMembers’.

Thanks a lot , it works now.