Deploying To Live Site - Include(Bcrypt.php): Failed To Open Stream: No Such File Or Directory


I’ve been developing my application on my mac using MAMP, using sqlite as the database.

I’ve just uploaded the site to my shared webhost, by literally just dragging the files & folders via FTP, then deleted the data in the assets folder. I figured that’s all I needed to do.

When I try it out, the login pages of my app display currently, but when I try to actually login, I get the following PHP warning:

[indent][font="Courier New"]include(bCrypt.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Stack Trace #0: /home/usera/webapps/x/site/framework/YiiBase.php(421): YiiBase::[b]autoload/b

Stack Track #1: unknown(0): YiiBase::[b]autoload/b[/font]

[/indent]I thought this meant I hadn’t copied the bcrypt.php file into protected/vendors… but it’s there.

Am I missing something?



[indent] [/indent]

It’s likely a file name case sensitivity issue. Make sure that the capitalisation of the file name matches the class exactly. Mac OS X uses case insensitive file names, but in Linux they are case sensitive.

Genius. Thank you.