Deployii: Task Runner And Deployment Tool


I’d like to share with you this project I’ve been working during the previous weekends; I hope you’ll enjoy it ;)

Note: This is an early stage project so I’d suggest you to test it in a test virtual machine! And therefore it is not ready for production either ;)

(once ready) you’ll be able to use DeploYii either as a simple task runner to automate your project setup and configuration or as deployment solution to package and deploy your code.

return [

  'deployiiVersion' => '0.4.0',

  'require' => [],

  'params' => [

    'username' => 'world',


  'targets' => [

    'default' => [

      ['out', 'Hello {{username}}!'],




[size="4"]More information/download:[/size]

It’s open source so contributions will be more than welcome as soon as it gets around version 0.5 :wink:

(in the meantime feel free to open issues if you find any bug)

If you like the project / the idea please star the project on GitHub. Thanks!



version 0.3.0 is now available:

  • now using PSR-2 code styling

  • copyDir command to copy one or more directories

  • chmod command to set permissions to set of files / directories

  • updated the loadJson command

  • implemented basic logging using monolog

  • added the saveLog command

  • created home directory to save global user commands, recipes and template files (with version compatibility checks! B) )

  • implemented the init command to create a new build script from template

  • the init command can also create a configuration file for the build which is automatically loaded on run

  • new examples (try them! ;) )

…please also keep an eye to the open issues for upcoming features and bugs. Thanks.


version 0.4.0 is available; main changes include:

  • command to archive/compress files and folders

  • changed copyDir parameters to be more intuitive

  • refactored TaskRunner to be non-static

I also tried to package it as a phar file, but put that on hold for now:

As usual, you can get it from ;)