Dependent Dropdown Visibility

Hi guys

I’ve implemented dependent dropdowns based on this article and everything is working fine.

However what i would like is for the second dropdown to be hidden at first. On selecting a value other than the prompt, the second dropdown should appear, populated with the data. I can of course figure out the first step by adding a ‘hide’ class to it:

 echo CHtml::dropDownList('university_id','', array(), array('class' => 'hide')); ?>

But is there a way of making the dropdown visible again easily in Yii? Selecting the prompt again should also hide the second dropdown again.

Here is the first dropdown

 echo CHtml::dropDownList('country','', $countries,


                'prompt'=>"Not Enrolled", // on clicking this, second dropdown disappears

                'ajax' => array(

                    'type'=>'POST', //request type

                     .... stuff

I could of course create a js file but I’m just wondering if there is a Yii way of doing it?