dependent dropdown in yii2

hi i wanna use a dependent dropdown in my new project. so that when i select a movie then the dates on which it is shown on theatres is dispalyed in a dropdown. need some directions.

thank you :)

p.s i am working on a online movie ticket reservation system

yii2 wiki on creating dependent dropdown

it didnt work ([font=Menlo, Consolas,]Yii[/font][color=#808080][font=Menlo, Consolas,]::[/font][/color][font=Menlo, Consolas,]$app[/font][color=#808080][font=Menlo, Consolas,]->[/font][/color][font=Menlo, Consolas,]urlManager[/font][color=#808080][font=Menlo, Consolas,]->[/font][/color][font=Menlo, Consolas,]createUrl[/font][size=2]) it showed an error. so i change to URL toRoute and it worked … thanks :)[/size]