Demo Project For Yii Newbie


I am very impressed to use YiiBooster extension developed by my friend Antonio and I Suggest Yii newbie to try and use this.

I had create one small demo (it takes around 4-5 hours) to help Yii newbie to help find usage of this extension and also support language conversion functionality.

Click here for my own private link

For public usage click here (uname/pass : yiiuser/yiiuser )

Download project from here

[color="#1C2837"][size="2"] (thanks to Rodrigo Coelho)[/size][/color]

This demo contain following functionality which can be helpful for newbie.

  • Usage of Yii booster (menu, gridview, textbox, textarea usage)… …

  • Language conversion on dropdown change.

  • File(image) upload, listing, tooltip in gridview when long text.

  • For more detail read ReadMe.txt file under project root folder.

nice work dear .

i am new to yii and i am using yii to built a task management system but i facing the problem in customizing the view according to my requirement give me some demo or suggestion that can help me in customizing the view according to my requirement.

plz help if u can.

and thanks in advance .

This will come with experience, as you play more with Yii , you got much idea about its usage.

GridView is little complecated to customize but for view part it is quite easy.

Just go with Yii guide and book.

For any help Yii forum is here to help…

Nice work kiran. Thank you for sharing…

+1 for this :rolleyes:

Thanks Kiran for sharing.

Its really helpful for Yii newbie like me. :)

Hi Kiran, this is very cool.

Lots of newbies ask for access to real projects to learn from, I’m sure that this will help.

Very Thanks Rodrigo Coelho ,

I think newbie are the base of our community, as newbie increase our community will go stronger and bigger.

with time newbie will be the contributor so we just need to help people to stick with Yii framework.

Very well said.

Very nice work. Thank you. But the file is not found.

Hello andxue,

I don’t know what the problem was, but now its re-uploaded

Very good idea Kiran!

It’s a pity the ‘+1’ button is not available on the mobile version (Edit: I meant the mobile version of the Yii forum :) ). Anyway, now issue worked around via forum’s desktop version.

Great Work Kiran !! :)

Still or again: The download link to the zip file does not work.

+1 Download link not functional…

project zip uploaded…

project zip uploaded…


Thanks. File downloaded.


Nice work kiran Sharma. Thank you for sharing… Very usefull for yiinewbies

thank for the demo…i really need that


I am New in YII. Tried to download but seen a 404 error - can you pls reupload the Zip. Will be a great help.

Thanks in advance.