Demo page of modules/extensions or any think that can be separated

Main idea for this is to stimulate usage of extensions\modules (speed up process of development) and know arsenal of yii better then now. Every body knows that im super lazy, and when i read yii-framework news(rss) got lots of new extensions sometimes its exactly what i want, but mostly its not even understandable what it is like

[Extension] banglasupportmodule or

[Extension] wtfgenerazedinformationinoneword.

That last one i made up for dramatization.

My idea is to create some kind of demo(real\live) page of extensions. Its mostly for GUI and something that can be visualized but creating a small working example will demonstrate extension ten times better then text that you need to read… (lazy reference).

For realization i have tree diffident views for this.

1)"Part of main-infrastructure" first is general catalog, something like it used now but, with potability to click like browse whole category with working examples. I realize that is… like stupid or something, because u have to run code that some one write and its can be… nasty but its realizable, at least images pictures in one endless belt (possible commet-tecnology usage)! If u yii-executive and consider images idea the index page its like extension per line , and images horizontal for one extension, vertical different extensions.

Second step is something like selection some of extension that can be used in project, i like that and that, please send me .ZIP with all of them that easy install.

  1. "Bundeled in Yii" for this is need little imagination, use case of this will be somthing like,

download bundle of extensions, extract\install\update (in automated manner)

shell #> yiic extensions install\update [category]. // and yes its will download all of them or category or individual.

somewhere in yii base directory(not project),

then you access your demo page from

shell #>yiic webapp-extensionsDemoApplication /path/to/it.

when you access it you should see some categories, and live examples and selection tool for generation new project, and button Generate New project with thees extensions.

can be easily combined with

in both cases it should be able to utilize different sources like

P.S. real\your experience may differ

None of above. :)

Yii Playground has existed for quite some time; maybe it’s time for more people to contribute to it? :)

PlayGround is more like encyclopedia\browser, but this topic is about just browsing but stigmatization of selection needed extensions/modules for base of the project, or even manage exte4nsions in Gii in any time of project development. I just sayn that i spend like 30-40% of time for project just searching installing(some times updates or even rewrite) modules\extensions.

and i understand that playground not mandatory for creators of extensions.

Yes, but some cross indexing in the right column would not hurt (e.g. modules, portlets, behaviors, editors, etc.). User Interface is getting crowded and might deserve some subcategories to speed up searches for widgets and such. Sooner or later that is probably going to need to happen.

I think we would see more portlets and probably modules contributed if users, especially beginners, fully understood the benefits of encapsulating certain widgets such as menus, breadcrumbs, stats, headers, footers, etc. in CPortlet or parts of application code in modules. Portlets make some types of widgets reusable in any number of projects to lower code redundancy just by copying them over to another project and cutting and pasting config information to main.php. Portlets also make it possible to populate the regions in a theme or layout using a database solution. In a similar way, modules can include their own dedicated portlets to improve code reusability and decrease code redundance (e.g., separate portlets for various payment methods in a shop module), allowing the end user to only conditionally see the payment method requested). If you are working on many projects over time, the benefits of using modules and portlets should be emphasized somewhere and this might be possible by including some short introductory text at the head of result lists.

I’m not suggesting to reinvent the wheel, but some improvements might be nice. After 20 months or so, I got accustomed to finding what I need so what’s there is OK for me personally.

(Trying to get my message count up so I can upload extensions)