Demo Blog not working

Hi, I’m trying to run the blog that comes with the demo folder, but I’m getting this error message.

Application runtime path "/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/demos/blog/protected/runtime" is not valid. Please make sure it is a directory writable by the Web server process.

I’m not sure which directory the error message is referring to, but as you can see from attached screenshots the protected directoy is 777 and so is runtime

Any ideas? I’m a newbie to both framework and ( 3 months php only) so as much detail as possible would be appreciated

runtime should be a folder… just delete this file… and create a folder called "runtime"… and give it permission 777

P.S. same for the assets folder

Thanks, now I’m getting this message

The table "{{post}}" for active record class "Post" cannot be found in the database.

Is there mysql somewhere to create the tables that the blog demo is looking for?

forget it, i found them . Cheers

Can we assume this is a bug in the demo app? This is significant, as this is the only demo app in the public source code that uses a database (so it should be running without a hitch as this may be the first app that newcomers to Yii really study seriously)

At least no bug on most platforms (I don’t know about MAMP).

Just navigate your browser to <yii-installation-folder>/demos/blog and the start page should show up. If neccessary take care of reported write protected folders. If requirements are met for sqlite, everything should work.


What bug??

The original poster probably used an unarchiver which can’t handle empty directories.

Is this a question, or did you encounter that “bug” yourself, in real life? :)