deleteByPk and findByPk afterwards - does not work

Hello everyone,

I am having a bit of trouble with some code. I have a model Contents and I have added an "actionDeleteMultiple" to its controller, which takes an array of content IDs and deletes them. Here is the code:

	public function actionDeleteMultiple()





            	try {

                	$providedIDs = $_POST['ids'];

                	$model = Contents::model();

                	if ( $model->deleteByPk($providedIDs) ) {


                    	$index = 1;

                    	$selectedIds = count($providedIDs);

                    	foreach ($providedIDs as &$value) {

                        	# Compile and submit multiple log messages

                        	#return print_r ($model);



/*This gives error >>*/  $logContent['description']= 'Content "'.$model->findByPk($value)->name.

                                                    	'" (#'.$value.

                                                    	') deleted by user "1" (#'.$logContent["user_id"].')';

                        	if ( $this->dataLogger($logContent) ) {

                            	if ( $index == $selectedIds )










                    	echo CJSON::encode(array(


                        	'message'=>'Content(s) deleted! ',





            	catch(Exception $e) { // an exception is raised if a query fails

                	//something was really wrong - exception!


                	//you should do sth with this exception (at least log it or show on page)

                	echo "ERROR: ". $e->getMessage();

                	#Yii::log( 'Exception when saving data: ' . $e->getMessage(), CLogger::LEVEL_ERROR );





            	throw new CHttpException(400,'Invalid request. Please do not repeat this request again.');



As I learned from this thread: http://www.yiiframew…bypk-deleteall/ seems like deleteByPk() does not respect the transactional execution I have setup in my code (as it prepares and executes queries in its cycle). I am trying to achieve this with least amount of queries: 1) delete the selected rows, 2) write to a log table about the deletion. When I’m trying to get the name column of the rows that were deleted by “deletedByPk()”, that’s when it fires a PHP Error 8 about “Trying to get property of non-object…”

Do you have any ideas how to work around this? Besides running delete() inside my foreach statement…

Thank you in advance for your help :)

You delete the record, then try to find it afterwards.

You must put the info into variables,then you delete the record, then you log info with the the variables.

As you mentioned the error line in your code… i think its throwing the error as you are calling a static method by storing it into the variable.

IMO please give a try to this function

$modelClass = "<Your class name>"



in the line where its throwing error

call the fn like this


call_user_func(array($modelClass,'<Your static method name>'))->"findAll or whatever you want to call"


Hope it will help you…