Delete confirmation displayed twice

I have a extremely basic implementation of ActionColumn in my Yii2 application:


	'class' => \yii\grid\ActionColumn::className(),

	'template' => '{delete}'


Whenever I click on delete button, I see "Are you sure you want to delete this item" standard JS confirmation displayed twice. What am I missing?

Is this a bug in Yii2 (since I’m using basic / core / default implementation of this button)?

i had this issue or it wouldn’t show at all. i had to use data-confirm instead of confirm. would be nice to know the underlying issue.


This bug should be fix in 2.0.4 version.

thanks for that, didn’t know. I’m using 2.03


Well… :> Quite most of us is using Composer right? In the code, to which you provided a link, there’s a message saying: “2.0.4 under development”. That means, that most of us are on 2.0.3 in which this bug isn’t fixed yet! :)

It is good to know, that this is a framework bug (at least for once it isn’t something, that I wasted! :>) and that it is fixed in 2.0.4. However, most of us must wait for the official release of 2.0.4 to get this fix, right?

For fix the problem Yii has changed her version policy, you can see change version policy here :

Now yii release cycle (patch releases) is around 1 to 2 weeks.