Delete Button In Cgridview

i would like to group rows in cgridview based on a column and then provide only a single delete button for this row instead of ‘delete’ for each item in the row…anyone done this?

if you mean with multiple row delete with delete button, try This Link

rows have got grouped now based on column but not actions i.e. delete or update?any help?

Grouping: check this extension

Single delete button: I’m not sure. Maybe the extension handles it out of the box. Or it should be easy to work out with the id of the grouped column and a specific grouped delete action.

no i was looking something like cgridview structure and no extra buttons…thanks for the link though…i had gone through it before…

they improvised on this to bring the yii booster…but still i cant group by actions…can group by columns…

I thought you can use following steps if i am rite…!!

  • instead of action use delete image and use that last column as you grouped any rows as it show only one image in last column for that group.

  • you can pass the grouped key on click of image (in YiiBooster example its "[color="#333333"]HTML[/color]") with ajax or link, and then delete items matching with keyword from db using controller code.

TbGroupGridView groups columns only if present in database table and not any other columns. thats where am stuck up now.i give name and id to my delete button columns but still not able to group it… Following error:

Column or attribute ‘del’ not found.