Dektrium User and RBAC: managing users with frontend and backend users stored in separate tables


I’m building a site with a Frontend and a Backend app (using the advanced template) and using Dektrium’s user and rbac modules. For this specific project I need strict database separation between customers in the Frontend and admins in the Backend, which I’ve achieved by:

[list=1][]creating two sets of user and rbac tables using a custom migration;[]overriding the user module models in both Frontend and Backend with tableName() functions pointing at their separate tables; and[*]modifying the config/main.php configurations to set authManager *Table variables and the user module modelMap variable.[/list]

This works perfectly. I have fully separated Frontend and Backend users, each with their own rbac set. So far so good. I can also use the user module adminController in the Backend to manage my Backend users.

I also need to manage my Frontend users from the Backend. Can I somehow override the models/controllers to point (a second instance of the adminController of) the module to my Frontend user and rbac tables for this?