I would like to propose to set the default value of CUrlManager.appendParams from true to false.

I find it more intuitive to read and debug when only the part of the URL is rewritten, which is defined in a rule.

Plus I would say it’s more error resitant, e.g. if you do a search in a grid with a slash “/” you’ll get an error in the current scenario.

I think that the "webapp" command should have two different schemas: basic and advanced. The basic schema is the schema default, and the advanced schema should have a more specific configuration with more features by default, like error reporting by email, web logging, caching, etc.

Edit: Please include Yii.php on the application directory in place of the framework directory!

Both ENV vars point to a path and have similar purpose, proposed change:






You can do this if you want to with 1.1.x. Only thing you have to do is copy the Yii.php to your application and edit paths in index.php and yiic.php.

Yes I know, thanks. I meant to include it by default in the proyect layout.