Default Right Menu In Admin Access


i’m so newbie in yii

i’m developing a site, so i build a controller just like blog example. i’ve defined the post controller as the default controller.

now i’m doing another “module”, for uploading some images for banners. but when i log as admin, the right menu that is showed is the post menu, not else the banner menu.

so my question is how can i to show the banner menu else the post menu.


after you login you have to point your browser to the module’s url, if you have that part right then may as well post some code

yes, i point in the url the controller/view:

for admin posts: post/admin

for admin bannres: banner/admin

ok finally i’ve found the problem that never looked before: as i build the site as the yii tutorial example for blog, i forgot completly the UserMenu view. ther is where the right menu is loading. :wub:

thanks anyway although i will follow making some noobies questions.

[edit] a question: how to set Solved in post title?