Default Layout Problem (Yii 1.1.14)


I’m having a trouble with a new site I’m making using the new version 1.1.14

I created a module with the Gii generator but the new module doesn’t use any layout. I just want to use the default main layout but no layout is rendered.

I did not make any change to the self-created code. The html result is the following



This is the view content for action "index".

The action belongs to the controller "DefaultController"

in the "operaciones" module.



You may customize this page by editing <tt>C:\xampp\htdocs\intranet\protected\modules\operaciones\views\default\index.php</tt>


It looks like if I’m using renderPartial(), but I swear I’m not.

I really doesn’t know what else to do

Thanks in advance

if you have not created a controller in your module yet it would not render any layout if you have a controller that has a layout setup it will use by default or you can set one in your modules/modulename/modulenameModule.php as you do it in normal controllers

class FooModule extends CWebModule



   $layout = '';



Thanks alirz23 for your answer, but i already check all the normal files and all the forum posts about layouts.

I already work with Yii 1.1.8 and have no problem with this, and everything works as it’s supposed to do.

But my new site i decided to upgrade to 1.1.14 and this doesn’t work anymore.

Everything is set in the config file, in the module file, and in the controller file. I tried to change the layout in the controller and in module files but nothing works.

I’m really lost…

This is weird If you could do a gist/pastie of you controller and module i can look at it for you.