Default attribute values in different scenarios

Hi all!

Does Yii give opportunity to define default model attribute values on different scenarios?

For example, when I do something like this in controller’s action:

$model=new Call('successCall');

I want attribute $model->callStatus to have default value ‘success’.

Can I do it, and, if I can, how?

Thanks in advance, and please sorry for my English.

Hi Layne,

maybe you could use the CDefaultValueValidator together with the ‘on’ parameter in the rules() method in your model.

public function rules(){

   return array(

  	array('my_attribute', 'default', 'value' => 'default value on success', 'on' => 'successCall'),

  	array('my_attribute', 'default', 'value' => 'default value on failures', 'on' => 'failureCall'),

 	// etc ....



I think this should work.

If you set the scenario in the constructor, then you could maybe also overload the init() method and initialize your attribute.



I will try!