deep nested layouts

i made deep and multiple nested layouts but css and yii.js not load.

i try some way to pass params to in side view. notthing change site.css, jquery, yii.js not load in my layout but load normal in backend.



echo $this->render('_header', get_object_vars($this));

echo $content;

echo $this->render('_footer');



use yii\bootstrap\NavBar;

use yii\bootstrap\Nav;

use yii\widgets\Breadcrumbs;

use frontend\widgets\Alert;

echo $this->render('_head', get_object_vars($this));


<body id="<?php echo Yii::$app->controller->id.Yii::$app->controller->action->id;?>">


	<?php $this->beginBody() ?>

	<div class="wrap">

		<div class="container">

		<?= Breadcrumbs::widget([

			'links' => isset($this->params['breadcrumbs']) ? $this->params['breadcrumbs'] : [],

		]) ?>

		<?= Alert::widget() ?>






use yii\helpers\Html;

use frontend\assets\AppAsset;




<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="<?= Yii::$app->language ?>">


    <meta charset="<?= Yii::$app->charset ?>"/>

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

    <?= Html::csrfMetaTags() ?>

    <title><?= Html::encode($this->title) ?></title>

    <?php echo $this->head() ?>


somewhere is wrong?