Dedicated Subforum For The New Yii Book

As you all know several chapters of the Yii book by Larry Ullman has been released in a past week. There are two subforums dedicated for existing books. I propose to create third one, dedicated to the new Yii book.

What do forum moguls think about it? :rolleyes: Maybe it would be empty at first time, but why not?

The first two books has it’s coresponding sections mainly because their authors where responding on posts (jeff and Alex)… but as I know Larry is not using our forum so it would all depend on him.

Larry has his own forum so probably it’s not that good idea.

Thanks, resurtm, for the suggestion. It makes sense to me to have a forum for the book here. One of the great things about Yii is its community and this forum is a huge part of that. In the book, I also point people here, and to my forum, for help. But this is a much more active forum and would clearly be the better place to go for assistance, specific to the book or not. I can certainly make the time to be active in the book’s forum here, too.

Great news Larry!!!

I just created a forum for your book -


Thanks, Maurizio! Very much appreciated!