Debug toolbar "too many queries"

Admittedly, I’m using PHP 8.2.7, which I understand is not supported… But when I execute a query, it returns fine, but the Debug Toolbar shows the count in RED, with the message “Executed 1 database queries which took 60 ms. Too many queries, allowed count is .” Is there somewhere that I’m supposed to configure the max queries?

Note: This also occurs on PHP 8.1.20

Looks like a bug. Please report to GitHub - yiisoft/yii2-debug: Debug Extension for Yii 2

So, the problem seems to be in yii2-debug/panels/DbPanel.php
* @var int the threshold for determining whether the request has involved
* critical number of DB queries. If the number of queries exceeds this number,
* the execution is considered taking critical number of DB queries.
public $criticalQueryThreshold;
Since it’s not initialized, any number will be determined to be an error. Setting it to some reasonable value resolves the issue.

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