Debug toolbar not visible

Basic template, Yii2, I find that ‘yii-debug-toolbar’ has [b].yii-debug-toolbar {

display: none;

}[/b] even though I’ve overriden that in my site.css (with display:block). And I’ve “enabled” debug (supposedly) according to the instructions in the manual -->[b] bootstrap’ => [‘debug’],

'modules' => [

	'debug' => 'yii\debug\Module',

	'allowedIPs' => ['*']

],  [/b]

I had very few problems with the advanced template but now I find myself posting question after question on this Basic template because things don’t work as “advertised” and I get very little, if any, guidance or answers. This is getting to be close to the reason I left Laravel. What’s the deal?

Ah … so if I comment out ‘showScriptName’ => false’, then I do see the debug toolbar. So this goes back to my PREVIOUS, still unanswered, question/post about showScriptName causing “Object not found” when set to false and I go to one of the menu items. And yessir, I have done all the recommended ‘solutions’ that I have seen on this forum and on SO. Those same “solutions” work exactly as described in the Advanced template.