debug my source to get correct pagination result

please read my attachment give me solution.

my problem is when the page opens it displays the current year holidays with paging numbers everything is correct but when i click search button its work to show all year holidays but it shows 10 records in 1st pagination linkpage as correct but when i click 2 pagelink it shows the result given by current year holidays (not expected). why? source please

Quick guess is that when you click search, you send POST data to the controller. When you later click on the pagination links, this POST data is not sent again, links do not do that.

yes, i know that , then  how to  retain the search post for pagination link click for second or more link click

Hi. Is this discussion of any help for you?

As I had a trouble of combination of search functionality and pagenation as well, I was able to find the solution such that I have displayed in the post.

Thanks for your great solution for my problem.

assigning the userinterface fields to $_GET variables and then getting from $_GET  gives the effect of search button click

Thanks a lot.

if(isset($_POST['SiteSearchForm'])) {


                        $_GET['searchString'] = $search->string;

                } else {



works well it gives the click of search button and posts data

Thanks a lot

Hi murugan,


if(isset($_POST['SiteSearchForm'])) {


                         $_GET['searchString'] = $search->string;

                 } else {



That’s it.  :) Even though this is a very small piece of code, I think it is worth registering it as a page of the cookbook. BTW, I wish I could do it, but my English ability prevents me from doing it. :’(

I did it very well.

Read my attachment

I wonder that I made you misunderstand… What I want to say is that this small piece of code is the heart of the algorithm and it is worth for the cookbook. I do not mean that you should show the whole code. If this is my misunderstanding, please never mind! Anyway I am very happy to hear that you have solved the problem. :)

Thanks, I have another one problem when i select  an option from activeDropDownList then how to assign the selected option to textfield.

And another one when i move from one textfield to another then how to assign its value to another textfield.

I am waiting for your solution

Hi guys,

M having almost similar problems with the paging + search case

Wasnt able to understand the solution and the link to the previous discussion on,2157.0.html is gone…

the sample code also cant be downloaded…

Have anyone a copy of the previous discussion or a solution to this issue?

The issue, I’ve a search widget integrated onto my obj/list and actionList in my controller

does search and result listing fine but the paging needs to be edited to reflect the search parameter on the other pages after page 1

if paging widget have an extraParams field like the CAutoComplete would b nice…

am working on extending the paging widget, but elegant solutions without modifying the framework is highly appreciated



Plz disregard this

cuz… ok… now suddenly its workin now…

jus passed my search widget parameter manually on the search’s form’s action…