Debug Forbidden

hi, i try to debug my application with Xdebug and Netbeans. If i try debug a simple pho it’s works, that means that Xdebug works ( i see also phpinfo() )

but if i try one view for example, the first view, i retrieve Forbidden, and i can’t debug.

i try to set .htaccess Allow form all, but nothing new.


Now i can debug for example a controller, but when i set breakpoint, the debug enter in the class, debug the first line, for example

class Foo extends Controller {

i click Step over, and the i don’t find the arrow…

u can play with the application log.

You need to debug the project and NOT the individual files. This is because Yii (and most other frameworks) are based off the index.php file alone.

If you want to debug a controller, then you need to first debug the project (which will launch the home page in your browser) and then navigate to your controller.

You can do this by either using links on the page or manually typing the url.

thank you! I did not know