Debug errors in local install

I am trying to duplicate a working project on a local setup, and get the errors in the attached images.
Php 7.4 and gitignore clause.

Could you please tell me how to solve it, or what I am missing/doing wrong.

In case it is hard to read

first image red line is

second image is
yii2-debug/src/panels/UserPanel.php - yii/base/Component::_get(‘isGuest’)
if (!$this->isEnabled() || $this->getUser()->isGuest)

third image is
yii2-debug/src/Module.php - yii/baseYii::createObject([‘module’=>yii/debug/Module, ‘id’=>‘user’])
$this->panels [$id] - Yii::createObject($config);

yii2-debug/src/Module.php - yii/debug/Module::initPanels()

Thank you

Hi, check that the session directory exists and is writable in your local php.ini configuration.

Thank you.
Indeed there is no session directory.
How would I add it, meaning, do I create it, download it, and where should I put it?

Hi keneso, you can check your session path via PHP: PHP: session_save_path - Manual

It can be configured in your php.ini, as seen here: PHP: Runtime Configuration - Manual

If this option is not set, it will fallback to your system’s temporary dir (it will vary for every system).