debug_backtrace and __callStatic

A lot of modern frameworks have static looking calls to methods in other classes. Even Taylor at laravel says:


In an older custom framework I use, I am making a "static" interface to some non static methods. Namely via this class:


namespace app\helpers;

class DBS


    public static function __callStatic($method, $params)


        $trace = debug_backtrace(DEBUG_BACKTRACE_IGNORE_ARGS, 2);

        if (isset($trace[1]['class'])) {

            $class = $trace[1]['class'];

            $slh = strrpos($class, "\\") + 1;

        } else {

            return null;


        $model = "\app\models\SMVC" . "\\" . substr($class, $slh, -10) . "Model";

        $instance = new $model();

        return call_user_func_array(array($instance, $method), $params);



Basically I get the calling class i.e.,

app\controllers\DogController;    as an example

then using strrpos and substr I build:

\app\models\SMVC\DogModel    as example

Several classes use this, thus dynamic, but all same beginning namespace.

So far it works, and if problem I have return null.

My question, what is the best way from the class to return to a friendly error page / view if there is a problem?

And / or is there a better way to get the calling class when using __callStatic.

Thanks, any tips appreciated.

Are we talking about Yii error page?

No the older Simple mvc framework v 2.2, I have heavily modified, made php 7 compatible, etc. This ver is no longer supported.

I am not good on error handling, how would one, if there is an error just redirect to another page from this class?

This older framework uses normal redirect. I just don’t want a user to view error, rather a friendly page.

Thanks for the reply.

Depends on the handler. Catch the error, output nice message, log error and trace.