Debug Ar Queries

I need to debug some queries, e.g.


. Has Yii got some tool (maybe console) to do such thing for me?

SQL Logging and Profiling in FireBug (Yii 1.1)

Read about this solution, unfortunatelly I’m using Chrome and basicly was looking for more common solution. So, maybe in Yii 2

The general solution in my opinion is to use CWebLogRoute (or any other *LogRoute class), configure categories e.g. system.db.* and set [font="Menlo, Consolas,"]enableProfiling / [/font][font="Menlo, Consolas,"]enableParamLogging to true[/font]

You can also use 2 or more CWebLogRoute’s at the same time. For example I like to have one for DB queries and the other for my application trace logs during development

you can see your application log file that might help