Debian, PHP 5.3 and Yii


Excuse for my english. I am trying to use yii framework on a dedicate server which ran on debian and php5.3

and it doesn’t work.

Need some helps tks

If you want help then you need to explain what is your problem… what you mean with “doesn’t work”… what is not working… what error (if any) are you getting

To begin with… check the Yii requirements -

Tks for your reply.

I am developping an app on my own server which run on plesk server with centos. Everything work fine. When i try to install this app on the prod server i encountered message like this

Trying to get property of non-object.

/var/www/framework/base/CComponent.php(619) : eval()'d code(1)

/var/www/linguatest/themes/classic/views/support/admin.php(112): CBaseController->widget("zii.widgets.grid.CGridView", array("id" => "support-grid", "dataProvider" => CActiveDataProvider, "filter" => Support, "columns" => array("id", array("header" => "Entreprise", "name" => "company_id", "type" => "raw", "value" => "$data->company->name"), array("header" => "Nom", "name" => "name", "type" => "raw", "value" => "$data->name"), array("header" => "Titre", "name" => "title", "type" => "raw", "value" => "$data->title"), …)))

Do you want code access to the app ?

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Your error can happen for example on $data->company->name… if the company is not defined than you get this error… you need to check if $data->company is defined… and only then use $data->company->name…

Ok tks for the precision. I want to know why it work perfectly on my dev server and when i transfer it on the prod server it doesn’t work. It seems that my vars are empty.

If that is the problem… then maybe on the dev server you have all the needed data… but on the prod server not…

Ok, maybe you’ve got reason. Tks for your replies. As soon as i found the solution i will post it.


After some research, i find that’s it’s not really a conflict or a problem. It need only to put error_reporting in index.php.

That’s all.

Hope it will be usefull.