Debian 6 and Yii 2 framework

Hi all, first at all this is my first post here, i want to know in base to their experiences if yii2 is totally compatible with Debian 6?

I have to do an app for a client but his host is with Debian server 6 and he cant upgrade it…

So… i want to use yii2 but i dont know if the server requirements are all compatbles with this SO

I hope can help me with this question.

Thank you

Do you must have PHP 5.4 or greater than Yii2.0 can run.

ty for responding me, but my doubt is that debian 6 supports php 5.4 i read that debian 6 just support until php 5.3… Is that true?

I think there will be no problems with this.

You just need to use an alternate repository.

Hello ralvejd,

Thank you for sharing your script. It solved my problems on the same OS Debian "wheezy", but 32bit and saved me a lot of time.

Best regards


Actually it has nothing to do with OS. You just need a compatible web server and php > 5.4, and you’re good to go.